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Do not believe a thing because many people speak of it

Sheeple speak — July 4, 2015
Inflation — July 2, 2015


In June 1973 a friend stopped in to show me his new digital watch.  It was one of the first and if you pushed the button it showed the time in red numerals.  It showed only the time.   He paid $600 US. Now we have this.  The watch of 1973 was leading edge technology and caused as much fuss as the Apple Watch.  32 years have passed since I first saw that watch and I have wanted one since.

You heard it first — July 1, 2015

You heard it first

If you have savings the spread it amongst various institutions. Then when we enter a world wide crisis you may withdraw more than the small limitation imposed by each institution. Also have a small nest egg in hard wealth, I.E. Gold or silver. Finally have a sufficient amount of cash to weather a short term crisis. 

Go ahead, laugh. Wait and watch. 

something feels odd — June 28, 2015
So there  — June 27, 2015
Shaking head I am — June 24, 2015

Shaking head I am

The sickness and depravity of the Islamic State terrorists knows no bounds. This much should be obvious to everyone. But apparently it isn’t to Justin Trudeau. The Liberal leader says that if he’s elected, he’ll soften how Canada deals with the terror group.

A quote from The Sun. 

I don’t want to agree — June 19, 2015
Did I hear? —

Did I hear?

The snap of a pucker from King Steve, the Hard?

Peter MacKay, John Baird, Shelly Glover and Christian Paradis and of course the tragic death of Jim Flaherty.

With all of this going on combined with the unsavoury issues that are coming to light almost every day it is beginning to look like a better day for little Trudeau.  Will the sheeple pick a leader in the next election or will they pick a pretty face, good hair and a smooth oily delivery?  Will the orange man see an opportunity?  Is it time for an orange man to lead the sheeple?

The sheeple of NS were herded away from Darrell Dexter.  Is there a message there?

Change —


A very good friend of over 35 years is moving away.

Valued colleagues of many years are retiring.

2 close friends have died.

My brother is very sick.

I don’t like it!