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Shame shame shame — September 4, 2015

Shame shame shame

I am sure that you, like me, have an opinion on how to handle the world wide refugee situation. This is not about my opinion or your opinion.  As we are exposed to images of children being washed on shore it is impossible not to feel some pang of regret for the situation that these people find themselves in.  The fact that King Steve, the Hard, Little T and Angry Orange man have chosen to take those terrible images and politicize them makes me embarrassed and angry. If it was not a wasted vote, yesterday’s comments alone would make me give my vote to Green Liz.

This is interesting —
Now THERE is a national issue — August 31, 2015

Now THERE is a national issue

From the Globe and Mail:

Stephen Harper says laws that prohibit people from taking alcohol across provincial borders are “ridiculous.”

He says that’s why the Conservative government brought in legislation allowing the practice – a private member’s bill nicknamed “Free My Grapes” became law in 2012.

A friend is gone —

A friend is gone

Many years ago and for the first and only occasion I called my MP office to ask for advice.  Wayne Easter is my MP and I spoke to Linda Lunardi.  Linda was one of those rare people who understood what a public servant is all about.  She had true empathy for the constituents and was uncompromising in trying to help those who needed help.  A gentle voice and dogged determination and she truly cared.  She was fearless and would ruffle feathers if needed.  (Much to Easter’s irritation I am sure.)

Linda solved my problem by utilizing her contacts in the Ministers office.  Took her 24 hours.  We became friends over the years.  After Easter let her go (reasons I never understood) we kept in touch a couple times a year.  It was always a pleasant and enjoyable conversation and I looked forward to hearing from her.

She was a warm caring person and I just learned she passed away in June.  I will miss her calls and our conversations.  RIP

From Canadian Business — August 30, 2015

From Canadian Business

In response to angry orange man’s comments on increasing corporate tax rates.

But nobody believes that when corporate tax rates increase, corporations will react by gritting their teeth and carrying on as before. The empirical evidence suggests pretty strongly that firms will in fact adjust their behaviour to minimize their tax liabilities.

Absolutely correct.   Read the full article

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