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Do not believe a thing because many people speak of it

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I dithered  — May 16, 2015

I dithered 

I dithered about finger print security on my iPhone. Would it work? What if I enabled and then it did not work. Dither dither. Finally I did enable. Happy to say it works very well and is a real convenience. In unlikely event it does not work I can override with my security code. Nice!

Rumours reach me — May 14, 2015

Rumours reach me

of a 5% budget reductions in all aspects of PEI government budgets save Health and Education. If true is seems odd that what passes for a media here in tiny land has not passed this along to the sheeple. 

I wonder what the sheeple think of this?

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Observation — May 5, 2015


As one might expect everyone is talking about the election.  Without exception all whom I have spoken to are pleased with the Green Party breakthrough and all noted that over 20% of the total vote went to other than the Liberal or PC party.  The Honourable Premier now has an opportunity.  The good man now has the opportunity to undue the devastation left by the previous sheep herder and the question is does he have the integrity to do what is necessary?

Are you middle class — May 4, 2015