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Do not believe a thing because many people speak of it

Uh oh — April 18, 2015

Uh oh

From The Globe and Mail:

U.S. stocks tumbled the most in three weeks Friday, as a crackdown on margin lending in China ignited a global sell-off that found further momentum with the release of a batch of disappointing corporate earnings and signals of rising inflation in the world’s top economy.

I predicted this four years ago. Perhaps we will now begin to understand the Chinese commercial agenda. 

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When little Bub was a good boy —

When little Bub was a good boy

It was 60 years ago – if I was a good little boy Mom would occasionally take me to Shangraw’s Pharmacy.  Then it was the only pharmacy in town and they had an old fashion soda bar.  For a treat I would order a cream cheese and olive sandwich.  If it was a really good day I would get a strawberry ice cream soda. Back then the pharmacist mixed their own magic potion, be it medicine for the unwell or treats for the body.

No idea where that flashback came from.


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Opinion opinions — April 15, 2015
A question I have — April 14, 2015

A question I have

I am told that all new employees of the government of our tiny land must now obtain a criminal record check before they are employed.  That seems like a reasonable requirement.  I wonder if those who run for elected office might be required to do the same?

Lots of promises —
Perception —


Listening to CBC coverage of an exchange between the Honourable Wade Maclauchlan and a questioner who apparently uses Twitter. The Honourable Premier sounded a bit nasty and petty in his response. I expected a little better from an intelligent and articulate man.  Regardless of the discomfort a question causes and regardless of the origin of the question the public should be treated with respect by those who seek to lead. Maclauchlan reminded me of Gilbert Clements from many years ago.