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Do not believe a thing because many people speak of it

Helping — February 6, 2016
For the liberals amongst us — February 3, 2016
Going viral —
Liberal increase in HST — January 30, 2016

Liberal increase in HST

From the CBC:

There’s been no decisions made on anything to this point … there’s been no talk about it at this point,” said Roach. 

Watch this closely. His lips are moving. Suggest also watching for liberal decision / policy that will hurt seniors. Seniors are easy targets who typically don’t fight back and the libs know this. 

Wisdom — January 27, 2016
19,710 —


That is how many days ago it is.  The day I started a rewarding and satisfying career in the insurance industry.  I has been a hulluva ride and knowing what I know now, I would do it all over again.  On March 29, I officially am retired from my position.  (I prefer the term decommissioned.)

I will stay on for 60 more days to assist in the transition but it is over.  Am I scared?  Youbettcha!  Terrified.

Yikes —


Atlantic region public sectors are larger than in Greece before the financial crisis impacted that country. The sense of entitlement felt by Atlantic Canadians is deeply rooted, as it was in Greece.

A snip from a much longer National Post article found here.

Amazing — January 24, 2016
Hooray for Arai — January 11, 2016

Hooray for Arai

Last year I damaged my favourite motorcycle helmet, an Arai Vector.  Arai is a premium helmet which simply fit me like a second skin.  The bits I damaged were material to safety and are parts that are required for the helmet to function correctly.

As we seem to live in a throw away era I assumed I would have to replace my helmet.  I was surprised to discover that all parts aside from the basic shell are available and are modest in cost.  Yesterday I ordered the parts on-line and just received confirmation of shipping.  Well done Arai!

I dare ya  — December 25, 2015