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Golden number  — December 2, 2016

Golden number 

I watched a documentary and in that production reference was made to the golden number.  I still don’t understand. 

golden number (sometimes capitalized) is a number assigned to each year in sequence to indicate the year’s position in a 19-year Metonic cycle. They are used in the computus (the calculation of the date of Easter) and also in the Runic calendar. The golden number of any Julian or Gregorian calendar year can be calculated by dividing the year by 19, taking the remainder, and adding 1. (In mathematics this can be expressed as (year number modulo 19) +1.)

For example, 2016 divided by 19 gives 106, remainder 2. Adding 1 to the remainder gives a golden number of 3.

The term golden number is first documented in the computistic poem Massa Compoti by Alexander de Villa Dei in 1200.[1]Later, a scribe added it to tables originally composed by Abbo of Fleury in 988.

Notions —


I live with a person who, in her words, takes notions. When she takes a notion get out of the way. The problem is that when I learn of the notion, it has already been taken. 

Mandatory voting —

Mandatory voting

I know Australia has this. Compulsory voting is a system in which voters are obliged to vote in elections or attend a polling place on voting day. If an eligible voter does not attend a polling place, or lodge a postal vote, he or she may be subject to a penalty such as fines or community service. As of August 2013, 22 countries, including 12 Latin American countries, have laws for compulsory voting and 11 of these 22 countries enforce these laws in practice.

I am not a fan of government intruding in our lives but this idea intrigues me. 

Who me? — December 1, 2016
Ever notice a coin on a grave marker? — November 29, 2016
Time — November 28, 2016


The concept of time has always intrigued me. As we now are hearing that Einsteins theory of relativity might be partially wrong I went looking for a kiss example of this theory. I found this:

Albert Einstein's ground-breaking theory of relativity is built on the foundation that the speed of light remains constant 


Albert Einstein’s ground-breaking theory of relativity is built on the foundation that the speed of light remains constant 

In 1905, Albert Einstein determined that the laws of physics are the same for all non-accelerating observers, and that the speed of light in a vacuum was independent of the motion of all observers – known as the theory of special relativity.

This groundbreaking work introduced a new framework for all of physics, and proposed new concepts of space and time.

He then spent 10 years trying to include acceleration in the theory, finally publishing his theory of general relativity in 1915.

This determined that massive objects cause a distortion in space-time, which is felt as gravity.

At its simplest, it can be thought of as a giant rubber sheet with a bowling ball in the centre.

As the ball warps the sheet, a planet bends the fabric of space-time, creating the force that we feel as gravity.

Any object that comes near to the body falls towards it because of the effect.

Einstein predicted that if two massive bodies came together it would create such a huge ripple in space time that it should be detectable on Earth.

It was most recently demonstrated in the hit film film Interstellar.

In a segment that saw the crew visit a planet which fell within the gravitational grasp of a huge black hole, the event caused time to slow down massively.

Crew members on the planet barely aged while those on the ship were decades older on their return.

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King of cool —
I took a little test — November 25, 2016

I took a little test

To see what kind of rider I am. Results:

You love riding, and you haven’t managed to do it for this many years by acting like a tit. You see any crash as at least partly your fault, because the environment is the environment and it’s your job to survive it.

Not bad and reasonably accurate. 

Giving thanks — November 23, 2016

Giving thanks


WASHINGTON ― Thanksgiving began in the fall of 1621 when a group of Native Americans joined with newly arrived English settlers to create a harvest feast together and protect each other from violence.

This year, as Americans pick out their turkeys and count their blessings, members of the Sioux Nation in Standing Rock, North Dakota, reported being attacked with tear gas, rubber bullets and water cannons in subfreezing temperatures as they protested an oil pipeline that threatens to contaminate their water and disrupt their sacred sites.

Just for a minute — November 22, 2016