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Do not believe a thing because many people speak of it

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Dangerous bub — September 20, 2016

Dangerous bub

As a by product of my interest in making knives I find myself clicking around the interweb looking at sites that sell knife making supplies.  It is natural that The Google takes me to general weapon sites. While I don’t have an interest in general weapons it is interesting to look around – and it is unavoidable to ponder how easy it is to obtain some very scary stuff. 

This is one of the more crazy sites. Note ability to purchase kits to convert AR 15 to fully automatic. 

We frequently hear how common firearm ownership is in the United States. In fear of miss quoting what I read this morning I won’t emphasize the correctness of the numbers, but I read that a very small percentage of the population owns the majority of the registered firearms.

Growing up in the Adirondack mountains of New York State firearms (long guns) was a natural part of our lives. Most homes had a shotgun or rifle hanging on the wall and it was not considered a big deal. It was simply part of life.  My grandfather presented me with my first firearm when I was 10 years old and he taught me how to shoot it and how to safely manage a firearm.

Watching Bub — September 19, 2016
Computer camera —
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I was amused — September 17, 2016

I was amused

I received a letter saying my household had been selected by Statistics Canada to be interviewed about financial security. I would be asked about my investments, my bank accounts, my pension income and any other financial matters appropriate. The letter advised that I should have all statements etc available for review as it would make the process quicker. Of course it was all confidential. 

Sure enough the nice lady showed up unannounced in her Liberal red pickup truck (despite the letter saying I would be contacted to make an appointment she showed up unannounced.)

I explained to her the likelihood of me giving her the information was equivalent to my desire to hit myself in the head with a hammer. 

Today I read the head of Statistics Canada has resigned over inability to keep their computers running reliability (one of numerous reasons). 

One thing right — September 16, 2016

One thing right

As very young parents my wife and I made many parenting mistakes. One thing we did right was instill in our kids a love for all animals. Our life was filled with critters of all sorts. This picture shows the real joy and love for some of our friends. That joy has extended to their adult life and it makes me smile to see my grandchildren have the same feeling. 

I feel sorry for children who do not have animals sharing their lives. 

Who ya watching — September 13, 2016

Who ya watching

As America and the world watch the Trump and Clinton race for the Whitehouse, it seems to me more attention should be given to the VP candidates. The old saying that the VP is just a heartbeat from being President is something that in this election should be carefully considered.