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Do not believe a thing because many people speak of it

Watching the inauguration  — January 20, 2017
Proud I am —

Proud I am

The list of reasons why I am proud of my children and grandchildren is endless but perhaps my greatest pride is their love for all living things. When I sent Christmas money to Oz for my grandchildren they used that money to rescue a little kitten. They have learned to be uncompromising in their love for critters and that makes me immensely proud. I so wish my children’s mother was alive to see the seeds she planted. 

Such a deal — January 19, 2017
Prepare thyself —
Is this logical? — January 13, 2017

Is this logical?

The CBC is reporting that the good sheep of PEI have purchased various assets in Mill River for $1,800,000. We, the good sheep, then sold what we just paid $1,800,000 to a new owner for $500,000. Simple math suggests that we sheep just lost $1,300,000. 

The province (we sheep) will invest $7.6 million to assist with critical capital improvements to the property over 12 years and to cover a portion of expected operational losses for the first six years.

In 2016 The province (we sheep) provided $400,000 to MRRI (the new owner’s company) as part of the agreement, which it said was its normal operating loss for the attractions.

All of this for an operation that has an annual loss of $400,000. 

What am I missing?  Is this the new liberal math?  What is the real back story?

More Home Hardware praise — January 12, 2017

More Home Hardware praise

Again I found myself visiting the St. Peters Road Home Hardware store.  As I walked in the front door I was greeted by a friendly young lady who said, “Hi”.  As I wobbled around the store encountering things I did not know I needed, I was offered assistance 4 times.  The offer of service was presented in a non pushy way and was just the right amount of being helpful.

While Home Hardware is a franchise, all the stores are not the same and whomever manages this one sure has it right.  It is one of the few places left that is bricks and mortar and where I will go out of my way to patronize.


Usenet — January 9, 2017


If you are one of those who are feasting on free TV via Kodi you will occasionally encounter frustrations with streams not working well – after all, this is the internet. 

If you have been around the internet for a while you will have heard of and probably used Usenet.  Easynews is an interface to Usenet and has an add on for Kodi. There is a cost to Easynews ($10 US per month for 20g). Instructions for installing are found here

I struggled getting it sorted out but once working it has been 100% reliable for me.  Netflix account has been cancelled. 

Time to speak up — January 5, 2017

Time to speak up

Many of us will have heard of the tragedy in Nova Scotia where a returning veteran murdered 3 family members and then committed suicide.  For some reason, this has become more than just another dreadful news story to me and find myself thinking about PTSD and the effect it has on many returning veterans.

In a CBC radio interview with a friend of the man at the centre of this tragedy, the man being interviewed made the comment, “we did things and saw things than no human should do or see”.  That comment has been rattling around my head since I heard it yesterday.

I lost two very good friends to PTSD.  Both were veterans of Viet Nam and both did things and saw things that no human should see or do. These were good men who died far to young.  Post Viet Nam there was no discussion about PTSD and the general comment about people who were struggling was, “‘Nam sure fucked up their heads”.  There was no organized treatment protocol then and veterans struggled alone.

I am sure in earlier wars there were similar names placed on PTSD – shell shock and the like.  I know my dad spoke of people who served with him who were never the same when returning home.

I do hope that as a society we can bring emphasis to the need for urgent care for those who have been damaged while defending our way of life and culture.  The damage caused by PTSD is not as visible as a missing limb or other outward trauma to the body but it is just as devastating.

It is time to let our political overlords know what we think.

A most wonderful honour — January 2, 2017

A most wonderful honour

I received this today. I feel unworthy.

I am not worthy of the honour I owe,

Nor dare I say ’tis mine, and yet it is;

But, like a timorous thief, most fain would steal

What law does vouch mine own.

In recognition of his contribution to the formation and development of the CURD collective in its infancy, as well as his ongoing support ever since, the Order Of Gummiente is hereby awarded to Humblebub, Vice Commissar, Atlantic Division. The Honourable Humblebub is is hereby granted the right to use the OOG designation and graphic in his sig line, profile and postings on here and on any other socia media platform he sees fit. He is also awarded “front of the line” priviliges at the porta-potties of any CURD sanctioned event and is appointed the Expendable Crewmember whenever llamas are running amok.
When CURD was first formed back in early 2006 it attracted the attention of the benevolent Humblebub, who was at that time (and still is today) holed up somewhere in the wilds of Prince Edward Island, where he was locally recognised as “That feller what rides that funny Commie bike”. He was so intrigued by the concept of CURD that he made a trip from Paradise Island all the way out to CURD World HQ (then located in Gananoque, Ontario) in July 2006 to meet the Head Cheese in person. This trip was not made on his 03 Northern Cruiser, of course, but on another two wheeled contraption from his vast and ever changing stable of rides. During his visit, he was instumental in the concept and creation of the Llama being designated as the Official CURD Mascot, specifically the lovely creature known as “She-Bitch”. This was the name he lovingly bestowed upon her after an up close meeting in person went slightly awry. Just as a side note to CURDites everywhere, when someone tells you to back away from a llama because you’re in danger of being spit upon, you really should take the advice. ‘Nuff said.

Sound familiar? — January 1, 2017

Sound familiar?

Nothing can create failure quite like success.
Here’s an all-too-typical scenario: An organization (Government) achieves a comfortable lead on the competition. Its media coverage is highly favorable, and shareholders (voters) are very satisfied. Believing that everything is and will continue to be great, leaders start reading their own press clippings. Complacency sets in, which undermines the continuous improvement necessary for growth. The inevitable result is mediocrity. In the worse cases, the company (government) completely loses sight of its vision. The most talented people leave first. When panic sets in on how to “fix” things (slashing costs, compromising quality), brokenness soon abounds.