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TV and me — February 22, 2018

TV and me

I don’t watch a lot of TV but most evenings I use TV to unwind before bed. That is until I was forced horizontal after having a knee replaced. While recovering I have watched a lot of TV and confess to being embarrassed at the many sources I use.

We have Shaw Satellite. Works well. Expensive but Herself will not permit disconnecting. I would discontinue if allowed.

As we have an Amazon Prime account we get access to Amazon Prime Video. Works perfectly. Reasonable selection and just works.

Netflix. Yup, have that too. Works perfectly. Overwhelming selection. Reasonable price. Netflix self adjusts resolution so if you have slow PEI rural DSL it still works just fine.

Stremio. Well, it works sometimes. I find it frustrating so seldom use it.

Kodi streaming box. It took a while but I now have it working perfectly. What can I say. If you are familiar with Kodi you know what it is capable of. Good hardware and adequate connection to the internet required. I have invested in a MyGica 495 Pro HD box and now have an adequate service provider. Of course I only watch public domain broadcasts. If you wish you can ‘pirate’ all you want.

Once again —
A thoughtful article — February 20, 2018
Xplornet and me — February 19, 2018

Xplornet and me

I have spoken here about how pleased I am with Xplornet. As well, I have mentioned how satisfied I am when I needed service. As luck would have it the same issue reoccurred and I had to call for service again. Once again the support technician I spoke to was excellent and after doing a few remote diagnostics confirmed that I would need a site visit . A work order was prepared and I was advised that I would receive a call to arrange the necessary visit. Within one hour I received a call confirming that a visit would be carried out and the technician would call me to arrange a time.

The technician called and confirmed he would visit between 9 o’clock and 930. Note I did not to have to hang around the house all day as I would have had I been with Bell. When the technician arrived at 9:05 he confirmed he wasn’t going to try to sort out what was wrong with my equipment and simply installed all new. All has been well since.

Once again this is the way service should be.

Read and consider — February 16, 2018
Some assembly required — February 15, 2018

Some assembly required

Herself ordered a Chinese made computer desk. It arrived. 179 parts with no text directions and 16 picture instructions that were poorly printed. Every single screw, bolt, metal part and wood part lined up perfectly. Chinese manufacturing has really improved. A few years ago I would have been drilling and sawing to make it fit.

Uh, really? —

Uh, really?

The CBC is reporting Statistics Canada will spend up to $600,000 a year for a contractor to regularly test waste water from 15 to 20 municipalities across the country for traces of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, and other drugs.

Amazon echo — February 13, 2018

Amazon echo

I believe I mentioned here that my son gave me one for Christmas. Today, while speaking to someone I made the comment, “what a joke”. Suddenly, the voice of Alexa spoke.

She said, “why does a chicken coop have two doors? Because if it had four doors it would be a sedan”.

Buried in images — February 11, 2018

Buried in images

I have moved all of our digital images from various locations to the new HP system. Our collection goes back 16 years and I am astonished that we have accumulated 38,000 digital images. For two people it seems like an astonishing large collection.

Windows 10 organizes those images by dates and places them in what is known as collections. I am curious if anyone knows of a built-in utility that will scan and delete duplicate images-as I am sure there are many. In addition I am curious what other people use to organize a large digital image library. Is there any easy way to do this?

I am embarrassed —

I am embarrassed

I mentioned that herself got a shiny new all-in-one HP computer running the windows 10 operating system. The accompanying keyboard has a numerical selection keys across the top. Each of these keys has the expected number in the middle class and alternative character in the upper left corner of the key and the lower right corner of the key. As expected, pressing shift before pressing the numerical key will output the character in the upper left section of the key. I can’t figure out what combination of keys will display the lower right character on the key.

Can anyone tell me the solution?