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Do not believe a thing because many people speak of it

Thoughtful — February 25, 2017
One liner please — February 24, 2017
There is not much good  — February 23, 2017

There is not much good 

… about being my age however, one positive thing is when you reach a certain age you have been exposed to most of the typical cold bugs that go around and have an immunity. It seems that when I am surrounded by people who are sick I avoid getting their cold. When one finally gets me it reminds me of how serious the common cold can be for people of a certain age.

My family doctor tells me that this year the prevailing bug came early and lasts longer. She indicated it is often of a three week duration with a nagging cough that can last two or three months.  Being a smoker, of course, has nothing to do with anything. 

Being a smoker, of course, has nothing to do with anything.

Bah!  Off to suck on a puffer and pop a pill. 

I laugh at you — February 20, 2017

I laugh at you

A wise old friend (now deceased) who really understood politics once told me that the worst thing that can happen to a politician is to be laughed at. Sweden and a few other countries are laughing at Trump. While Trump certainly gives us ample opportunities to laugh with contempt, I think it is a mistake to not take this guy seriously. As another friend said, “I am not sure if this guy is nuts or are we seeing the the biggest middle finger to the ruling elite in history”. 

My day begins  — February 9, 2017

My day begins 

Apparently during the night on of the Sheps had diarrhea in the middle of living room. Of course when I get up it is dark. First stop on way to chair is coffee fill up. Then shuffle to chair with coffee. ARGH!  Yup, stompted right in it with both bare feet. 

The question is, what to do. Do I continue to walk leaving shit prints….. or what?

Thirsty —


A friend who is wintering in Goa reports they closed all restaurants serving liquor at 10pm for two weeks running up to local elections, no liquor at all for 3 days while voting took place plus counting of votes…..all done now!

That seems like a prudent policy. 

Reverse — February 7, 2017


In the past 72 hours I have spoken to six individuals who have cancelled their holiday plans to the US. I am aware of another who is considering revising their plans to go someplace other than the US. I am reconsidering my plans for a fall 2017 trip for a high school reunion. All of these decisions and are being driven by the uncertainty caused by Donald J Trump.

Triangle of danger  — February 6, 2017

Triangle of danger 

Sheech, who knew. 

I was tormented by a sore tooth and gave in and visited my dentist. She took one look and immediately called the oral surgeon who was waiting for me when I arrived. He did unpleasant things to me which involved slicing into my gums and scraping bones etc. Then I was sent home with mega antibiotics. It appears I shall live. 

Dr Matt Shaffner is superb. He saw me immediately, did not hurt me (really) and gave me his 24 hour cell phone number and insisted I call if needed. Plus he is a nice guy. 

My dentist, Dr Dana Coles is equally superb. She understood the urgency and did not hesitate. Plus she is a very nice lady and has the happiest practice I have encountered. 

Watching — February 5, 2017
How do you feel about this? — January 24, 2017

How do you feel about this?

CBC Charlottetown reports:

The P.E.I. government will spend $23M for phone service with Bell Aliant over the course of 11 years according to the terms of a contract made fully public for the first time today. The province entered into the untendered contract with Bell Aliant for its phone service starting in 2009. In return, Bell Aliant agreed to provide DSL internet service to 48 rural Island communities

That the Aliant Bell / Liberal deal was bent was well known by many of us in the Internet business and equally well known was the fact that Eastlink never had a fair chance to compete. 

So…. all taxpayers of PEI through a back room deal with Bell Aliant paid for us poor country mice to get slow DSL. As someone who benefited from this deal (I went from dial-up to slow DSL) I have mixed emotions. I am glad to have what we have and I want more. I also understand that no telco is going to provide a service on which they loose money. 

I despise the business practices of Bell and abhor unfair back room deals. What is the solution?