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Do not believe a thing because many people speak of it

Well well — September 17, 2017


I have been reading some of the concerns regarding use of RFID chips in our credit cards and debit cards.

One of my friends was in the process of paying for a commodity with his debit card. In the process of doing this he placed his wallet on the counter while he used his debit card. When the debit card was being processed the clerk indicated that the charge was already paid in full.

Investigation turns out that the RFID chip in his CIBC credit card which was still in his wallet had been read and the charge processed to that card.

Another friend was paying for gas at a service station in Florida. He paid for the fuel with his credit card. On arrival at is Motel, and attempting to pay with his credit card, he was advised that his credit card was at its limit. He knew this was incorrect as he had paid off his card prior to leaving on holiday. Investigation indicated that the RFID chip had been read by a bootleg device at the service station and then in a short period Of time his credit card limit had been exhausted.

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Save the whales —

Save the whales

Anyone with any sense of what is right certainly must be concerned about the recent numerous whale fatalities which, it is reported, is often caused by collision with ships. I was pleased when our overlords mandated a reduction in ship speed with the hopes of minimizing future collision.

With the announcement that 10 cruise ships would no longer visit Charlottetown it was predictable that those who make their living picking the pockets of tourists would be the first to whine about the reduction of visitors. There is not much that can stir up my anger but the needless and senseless killing of Whales is one of those things. Surely, a reduction in the number of tourists too fleece is a justifiable cost to keeping these gentle giants safe.

At the same time perhaps it’s time to send armed ships to protect the whales from the Japanese whalers. I know I know… too radical.

Fine wine —

Fine wine

If you enjoy wine you have probably consumed Australian wines. Some of the best come from Mclaren Vale, South Australia. A popular activity is visiting various wineries where you are invited to sample their products (without cost). Of course the winery hopes you will purchase a bottle or two but that is not mandatory.

My daughter, who lives in South Australia was surprised when she learned some fine sparkling wines originate

in Prince Edward Island. I was aware that we have wineries here in tiny land I had no idea they were being reviewed with high praise.

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The Territorial Imperative: A Personal Inquiry Into the Animal Origins of Property and Nations, — August 29, 2017

The Territorial Imperative: A Personal Inquiry Into the Animal Origins of Property and Nations,

By Robert Ardrey….

It was a dark and stormy night in Savage Harbour and as the storm howled outside I was immersed in this book. It was an unsettled time in the world and in particular confusing times in the United States. This book was one of many that I hoped would offer an insight and give alternative opinions on changing social mores. Ronald Regan was beginning to make noise and I was alarmed at the potential.

Given the world is has again entered uncharted waters with the election of President Trump, it might be a useful exercise to read this book again.