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Do not believe a thing because many people speak of it

This  — August 31, 2016
So we gathered — August 25, 2016

So we gathered

6 retirees (or almost) gathered together for steak and adult beverage on the shore of Rustico. We are age 65 to 71. None of us are overweight and all are modrately active. All have had a business career. 

One has had a heart attack. 

One has MS and various organs removed. 

One has a new hip. 

One had bladder cancer and various surgeries. 

One has chronic arthritis, vascular issues and various surgeries. 

One is healthy as a 30 year old and no issues. 

The healthy one has smoked like a chimney for 50 years and chooses not to eat meat. Not a vegetarian but avoids eating the flesh of other creatures. Of the 6, 3 were or are smokers. One of the three quit 2 years ago. 

Envy — August 21, 2016


US-based wireless subscribers now have the option for getting unlimited everything for roughly CAD$90 per month, thanks to T-Mobile’s latest uncarrier offering. Customers will pay $50 for the second and $20 for up to eight additional lines starting September 6, the carrier announced yesterday. 

Where is the useless CRT?  

A find — August 20, 2016

A find

In 1994 while rototilling new ground for a garden my tiller kicked up an old knife. It was in terrible shape and for 20+ years it has served as a garden knife, shop knife and general all-around tool to be abused. 

It was in terrible shape and just one of those tools you throw in the junk box for the next time. As it looked a little like the famous Kukri I liked the shape and never tossed it in the garage. 

As I have a developing interesting night making I looked closer at this knife and was surprised to see it is a Carl Schlieper Soligen knife and a collectible. I have cleaned it up as much as I can and it will continue to serve as an all around shop knife. Unfortunately it is to far gone to be completely restored. 

47 years ago —
Looks like a liberal — August 15, 2016

Looks like a liberal

I was speaking with a hard line Conservative last week and the name of an acquaintance came up in conversation. The guy said, “he looks like a Liberal”. 

Confused I am. What does a Lineral look like?

Ageless — August 9, 2016
M&M Furniture — August 5, 2016

M&M Furniture

Like Peter, our 24 year old washing machine died. Our experience with M&M mirrors his. Complete satisfaction. Competitive price, friendly informed sales people, delivery, install and take away the dead machine and done on time and as promised. 

When our dishwasher decided to follow suit there was no question where we would shop. Once again, complete satisfaction. 

It is good to see an established family owned business that still ‘gets it’. 

Interesting to see hand written invoices and no computer accounting. Just another reason I will go back. 

Preacher — August 2, 2016


I am a fan of this series. It is black, twisted, bizarre and entertaining. One of the central characters is an evil man who owns a meat packing operation and he feels the only God to worship is meat. His character is pictured below:

I kept trying to figure out who he reminded me of and the I saw Tim Banks pic. 

Mini poll — August 1, 2016

Mini poll

I asked six friends in the US who they will vote for. All are male, in their 60’s, have college education and are retired. All six said until last month they would vote Trump. Now five say Trump, one says Clinton.