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Do not believe a thing because many people speak of it

In case you missed this — September 19, 2018
I am irritated — September 18, 2018

I am irritated

Probably because of my age and particular interest \ pastime \ passion the places I visit on the internet will occasionally have a message to pray, send positive thoughts etc to someone who is ill or injured participating in our much loved activity.

Invariably someone will responds, “oh I had that, that happened to me, my (insert relative or friend) had or did that etc”.

While these people mean well I just want to scream, “it ain’t about you buckwheat”.

Sigh… I enjoy the company of my dogs.

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Dark fibre — September 12, 2018

Dark fibre

10 or so years ago, when I was involved with a Wireless ISP I was told by the government employee who was charged with ‘technology related’ matters that Bell had fibreoptic cable buried all over the island which they refused to light and refused to share location with government.

With this in mind watch carefully as our Liberal overlords bait us with the promise of real high speed Internet in rural areas.

Then we have this. Note their approach. “Verizon claims that its unique network infrastructure, comprising of end-to-end fiber resources, large deployments of small cells, and spectrum holdings, will help differentiate its network”.

Xplornet is using only Eastlink cell towers. …all those other towers going to waste…

Mike Pence, VP, USA — September 11, 2018

Mike Pence, VP, USA

I just watched VP Pence speak at the 9/11 ceremony. It was impossible to avoid comparing the Style of VP Pence to that of POTUS.

I am no sucker for a slick political speech but there is something about the man that appeals to me. I remember when the current POTUS selected Pence to be his VP candidate I said Pence will, at some point, be the Republican candidate for POTUS. I still maintain that prediction.

CNN — September 9, 2018
DJT — September 7, 2018


If Trump was not an overbearing loudmouth blowhard with the grace of an angry cockroach – but rather is a communicator with the slick skills of Ronald Regan, what would the world be saying about his term as POTUS?

Breibart has an opinion. (I am no fan of DJT, but as one of my liberal friends noted, DJT is the only POTUS who is keeping campaign commitments).