Some of you may recall occasions I have written here about my friend Michelle.  Michelle was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma 15 years ago.  Each day brings new challenges and new reasons to rejoice and (in her words), to “thank God we are blessed with friends and family who support and love us and the connection and laughter bring moments of freedom from cancer”.  I consider it a privilege to know her and I know when I read what she writes what a very special person she is.  My connection to Michelle came through my daughter who refers to Michelle as her sister.

Each year she gives freely of her time and speaks to school children about the terrible disease of cancer.  Each year she participates in the Terry Fox Run.  It can be easy when we are healthy and those we love are healthy to step back from supporting those who are working to find a cure.

Please consider making a donation.  It is so easy means so much.  A simple click here and you are on your way. 

This lady humbles me – not an easy thing to do.  She continues to live each day with the best the day can bring.  As I have said here before, she is my hero and I don’t have many of those.