12 months ago I decided to discontinue using my pellet stove.  I really liked the stove but an aging back was growing weary of lugging 40 lb. bags of pellets home.  I could have simply fallen back on our oil furnace, but I simply don’t like the feel of the heat from our oil furnace.  In addition, my furnace is over 20 years old and reaching the point where I really don’t want to push it.  I also wanted to eliminate the mostly unsatisfactory and expensive two window air conditioners.  At the same time Herself decided she must have a proper kennel so I was faced with extending some sort of heat and A/C to that addition.  I decided on a second heat pump.

Thus there are now two heat pumps in our residence.  They have kept our home warm and comfortable during the heating season and cool in the warmer months.  There have been no maintenance issues.  We clean the filters on each unit once a month.  As we have many dogs and we are smokers we clean filters more than most.  I suspect most families would clean them twice a year.  Cleaning entails opening a cover, popping out a small screen filter, vacuuming and putting it back in.

By any measure of comfort, ease of use and maintenance I have been totally satisfied.

As heat pumps run on electricity I was concerned about the cost to operate.  As I have now completed one year I know that my electricity cost went up $307.11 over 12 months.  This includes tax and does not address any change in price of electricity. I have eliminated $800 in pellet costs and an estimate of $750 in oil costs. As I still heat two zones with oil I did not expect any change in oil costs but there has been savings.  Perhaps oil savings is partly because oil cost has reduced.  In addition we are heating and cooling the kennel addition which is a new cost.

I installed Lennox heat pumps.  It was either Lennox or Fujitsu and the Lennox was considerably less cost.  I did speak with a number of ‘experts’ before purchasing and they indicated I would be safe with either and to avoid some of the less popular brands.

I am satisfied with my decision to make the investment and at current savings the pay-back period will be much quicker than I anticipated.