I have been following this technology and trying to understand the need or justification of cost. Early adopters always pay a premium price. I struggled to justify. 

My 20 year old smoke detectors had reached end of life. After research I decided to try the Nest networked smoke and carbon monoxide devices. They are expensive but I can always self justify geeky cool stuff. Created my free account with Nest and downloaded the free apps. Then ordered three devices. 

Unboxed and placed on table. Pull the battery strips and each talked to me. Started the app and followed direction on iPad. First scanned the code on back of device and just followed directions as the devices connected to my Wi-Fi, connected to Next and connected to each other. Done! Mounted on ceiling.

Push the test button and each announce themselves as to location and tests. Very cool. Plus I can monitor or test from the app. 

They had to be replaced anyway so why not try the latest tech?

My son gave me a security Cam for Christmas. I have not properly deployed yet but it scores high on cool gauge. Also internet connected giving access from anywhere via app. I will spend some time deciding on where to mount. For now it is pointing out my front window. I have turned off HD as my internet connection is all I am allowed in the country and is what our overlords consider high speed.