Probably like most of you, we get these calls frequently.  Usually I just hang up or don’t answer.   However, our son Rick and family are in New Zealand for a few months, I answer, in case it’s him.  
I get this call the other day, the usual greeting, this is Microsoft calling and we have noticed a serious problem with your computer, please go to your computer immediately and we will repair it for you free of charge.  
Having a few minutes to kill, I say, my computer is an Apple not Microsoft.  He raises his voice and shouts their records show that I have Microsoft. (no joke, he shouted) I say no….Apple.  He says let me check, he then says, yes you have Apple and there is a problem with my IPO and he can fix it.  I’m not sure what in hell an IPO is, it sounded serious.  
I ask how can you do that, you work for Microsoft?  He tells me he also works for Apple.  I say yeah, and pigs can fly.  
No, I say, not interested…he shouts louder. You must have all kinds of money if you are not going to fix your computer…I say yes, you are right I have more money then I know what to do with.  He says, will you loan me $500.00?  I will pay you back.  I said my money is all tied up in pork belly futures…Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…he’s gone.  
They should learn to call prior to ” Happy Hour.