I think many of you, like me, are of the vintage that remembers Naugahyde. In case you don’t recall, it was a low priced leather look alike covering for chairs, chesterfields, etc. In its day it was very popular, it was plentiful and much cheaper then leather.

We have two good friends from Toronto, (Peggy and Marg) who visited us on occasion, this was back in the day when Naugas were being slaughtered with reckless abandon. They were concerned about the possibility these Naugas could become extinct. At the outset it appeared that there were so many of them (Naugas), they would never reach the stage of extinction.

Peggy and Marg were brazen young ladies. They spoke of taking up the cause for the protection of the Nauga. A noble cause indeed, I don’t believe it gathered much traction, since I have not heard anything of the Nauga lately. Obviously their call fell on deaf ears.

My assumption is the Nauga is now extinct. If that is in fact the case, it is a sad story. A thriving population, had it been put on the list of endangered species, it may have had a chance to survive. Sadly, our grand children probably will never know the Nauga. Somewhere in a basement, a cottage or camp rests the remnants of the Nauga…the rest as they say is history. If you know where there is one, let the good folks at the National Heritage Centre know.

It was with those thoughts and an email I received recently that prompted me to think of noble causes. Most of us agree that the good and kind folks who help their fellow man or other creatures of God’s creation or those that advance humanitarian principles or practices are noble people. They feel they represent a noble cause and they do it with passion.

Here are some “noble causes,” at least they are to the believers. You be the judge…Would you be ready to “Hit the Pavement” and protest or show your solidarity with the committed to advance these movements? It may involve chanting.

The first cause and this is mainly for baseball fans.

1. “BREAK UP THE BLUE JAYS” They are too dominating.

The second cause and I have no disclosure to declare on this item. I’m not certain who they are thinking of or what they mean…Does that mean throw out a Steve…any Steve…what is a Steve? I include it only because it has a nice “ring” to it.


The third cause…no disclosure to declare on this matter and no comment.


I am not saying I agree with folks who have an interest in moving these causes forward but there could be advocates getting ready to approach you to volunteer or donate. As a caution, I don’t believe any of the above are registered charities. (No Tax Receipts) As the old saying goes, “Forewarned is forearmed.”

Say goodnight, Dick.