Many years ago and for the first and only occasion I called my MP office to ask for advice.  Wayne Easter is my MP and I spoke to Linda Lunardi.  Linda was one of those rare people who understood what a public servant is all about.  She had true empathy for the constituents and was uncompromising in trying to help those who needed help.  A gentle voice and dogged determination and she truly cared.  She was fearless and would ruffle feathers if needed.  (Much to Easter’s irritation I am sure.)

Linda solved my problem by utilizing her contacts in the Ministers office.  Took her 24 hours.  We became friends over the years.  After Easter let her go (reasons I never understood) we kept in touch a couple times a year.  It was always a pleasant and enjoyable conversation and I looked forward to hearing from her.

She was a warm caring person and I just learned she passed away in June.  I will miss her calls and our conversations.  RIP