In 1989 due to a series of circumstances I found myself living in Kingston, NY.  Kingston is, at best, described as different.  It once was the capital of NYS and it once was the site of a very significant portion of the IBM Corp. It once was a lot of things and it no longer is.  It is not a place to put on your vacation destination.  It is a very good place to get away from and one thing it is, is an excellent place to use as a base to ride to many areas that are close and quite breathtaking.

I was employed by an old friend (a fellow insurance rascal), and I introduced him to the joy of motorcycles.  Unlike some who take on a new interest when not in the bloom of youth, and despite removing a portion of meat from his arm on the first ride, he has embraced the activity with enthusiasm.

For those not familiar with the area a few images from a recent ride in the area.