Circa 1956 I was visiting my grandparents in St. Petersburg, Florida.  One of the activities that one just did, was go to watch the Spring training of the New York Yankees.  The day I went, Yogi was not playing, but he was in uniform and spent time speaking to people in the audience – especially the kids.  He had all the time in the world for the kids and shook all of our hands and chatted with everyone.  Even back then I suspect management knew what a great emissary he was for the team.

My memory is a little foggy on the date.  It might have been a year earlier or a year later, but the memory of the man is sharp. Of course I was a Yankees fan and despite some incredible skilled players during that era, Yogi was my favourite.

I read the following today which pretty well sums it up:

“As long as people talk about the game, whenever they mention the name Yogi Berra, they will smile because he was that kind of a human being.”

Seems like a good legacy.