Many years ago prior to Charlottetown amalgamation a friend was asked if he would allow his name to stand for municipal counselor in one of the outlying bedroom communities. Apparently, there was a desire to have more than one individual standing for Office. My friend reluctantly agreed with the understanding that he would not campaign for the office but that he would be happy to respond to anyone who had a question regarding his position on various matters.  There were very few inquiries but the individual responded with an honest assessment and did not phrase his answers in such a way as to please the person inquiring.

He was elected to the office with a considerable margin. From what I could see during his time in office he maintained the same honesty. He did not need the small income that accompanied the office. 

It raises a question in my mind. This individual is a humble person, did not need the money and served because he thought he had something to add which might be beneficial to the community he lived in.

How many politicians do we know that would have similar characteristics?