Island Musings

I arrived in Canada December 28, 1975.  My first political awareness was being exposed to Pierre Trudeau and spouse Margaret.  I remember Trudeau’s refreshing smart-assed style and remember the CBC filming Margaret Trudeau skipping down the beach in Cuba with Fidel Castro.  I was totally politically ignorant and disinterested but I remember thinking what a nice change from Lyndon and Lady Bird Johnson.  Over time I learned that the Liberal philosophy was not mine but that there were aspects of Liberal policy that had limited appeal to me.

I consider myself fiscally conservative, morally conservative and I have many open and liberal attitudes about many social aspects of our country.  I guess I think of myself as a Progressive Conservative with just a sight lean to the left.  During the last election I felt that a Conservative government was best for Canada – despite the easy to dislike Harper.

I just listened to the swearing in of now Prime Minister Trudeau and I could not miss what sounded like sincere emotion in his voice.  Even my most passionate Conservative friends noticed that Trudeau has a quality list of individuals to choose from for his cabinet.  We now know the Cabinet and in time we will know if he has chosen wisely.

As I listened today my memory floated back to the feeling of hope, adventure and excitement I had when I was first exposed to Canada and this beautiful place I call home.  With the wisdom of a few more years I still think a Conservative government would be better for the future of this county.  Despite that, I will wait and see – and be hopeful.