A quote from an Arizona citizen. 

Just like the President and Congressional leaders did, I swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. I never renounced my oath. I am willing to uphold it today.

Unfortunately for the citizens of our country, our government is not.

We have several cabinet members who are known Muslim Brotherhood members. Some of these people advise the President. Under “political correctness” we are labeled various names because we point this out.

The truth is simple: There is an effort to subvert and destroy our way of life in this country from both within -and outside our nation. 

Inside we have the Communists behind the Ferguson riots and now the Black Lives Matter movement. They are anarchists and terrorists who seek the destruction of society. We have members of our government allowing mass immigration under dubious reasons for a group young men who are the perfect age for fighting. Where are the Christian refugees? We have no room for them. I wrote my Senator, John McCain, and even he said we have to take pity on these refugees and extend them the opportunity to have a “good life.” Does that include blowing up malls and cutting people’s heads off?

Outside our country we have an all-out guerrilla war on the Western way of life. Our mainstream press pivots and dodges the real reasons behind this movement. They grant “tolerance” to them but label Christian former servicemen as “potential terrorists.” And, for a long time, the average American has tolerated this lie.

I hope Americans and peoples across the world wake up and begin to understand the story fed to them by the mainstream media has been a lie. Like the recent admission by the UN Climate Director that, “Global warming isn’t about the environment, its about the transfer of wealth and power.” 

We need to wake up while there is still time. Otherwise, we will find ourselves immersed in another World War that sees millions of innocents die and others endure untold suffering. The price of freedom is vigilance. We have been mislead by an evil 4th estate. Our media has delivered this to us, one spoonful at a time. It is time we recognize who the enemy really is and treat them as such. Stop watching the mainstream channels. Go online. Find out what is really going on. Get your neighbors to do the same.

Otherwise, we will see our very way of life end forever. We are at the precipice. One more step and its all over. Our country has been transformed.