Complain about our medical system. Wait times, some not having family doctors, delays to get to see specialists and the awful service at Queen Elizaneth Hospital. Certainly elements of all are accurate. I am personally aware of people who have died waiting for referrals to specialists. I can’t help wonder what improvements could be made by stopping the gravey train of corrupt money laundering to friends of the government of the day. One less new mediocre restaurant or commercial building and we might have a vascular surgeon or cardiac rehab specialist. But of course the people who can make those decisions get top quality care due to their credit card limit while the sheep get what we are allowed to have. 

Despit that, when we sheep fall into a category that our betters consider a worthy way to spend our tax dollars the system can work.  Occasionally the system works. However how can out masters sleep at night when citizens of this wonderful place do not have a family doctor or can’t access specialists quick enough to avert inhumane suffering or death. …and yet there are millions to fill the purses of friends of the government. Will there ever come a day when pitchforks in the streets will make these fat cat thieves fear the sheep enough to deploy limited tax dollars where they are most needed?

Despite all of this if a sheep can get in the system the quality of care can be very good. I have had carotid surgery and once I penetrated the system to get to see a specialist I was well served,  but in Halifax. Our masters do not think we need a vascular service in our tiny land. I was saved from a stroke or death by a Halifax surgeon. I had my gall bladder removed a few weeks ago. It took 6 months from time my family doc referred me to time it was removed. Due to a 6 month wait for ultrasound I traveled to Moncton and paid for the service. My doc had the report before I drove back to tiny land. I was not a life threatening situation and perhaps there were others more in need but if our masters allowed we sheep to have more doctors perhaps the agony of wait would not be required. 

I have a loved one who suffered a heart attack at age 43. She needs a cardiac rehab specialist.  We sheep are not allowed to have such a frivolous service. Instead we are forced to rely on someone who is not a cardiologist and who many say does not care for woman. We do not have choices. We must accept what we are allowed to have. 

Yes, when we hit everything just right the system can be superb. Two weeks ago I rushed herself to QEH with a life threatening ailment. We were admitted quickly. We were talking with the doctor in 20 minutes. She has ultra sound, X-ray and CT quickly. The surgeon showed up, advised surgery was urgently needed and surgery was performed. 11.5 hours from walking through the door surgery was complete. 

She was moved to ICU where the angels could not have been better. Quality compassionate care that was simply perfect. Everything that could / should be done, was. Nurse Nora, you are in a word, superb. 

When she was moved to the surgical unit the care was logically less intense, but still excellent in every way. The nursing staff was attentive and caring and they made sure Herself was comfortable. The surgeon was in every day and I know he was calling the unit to make sure she was comfortable and progressing. He was direct and informative and never abrupt regardless of how exhausted he was. 

Why, you might wonder, the incongruous emotion here. I have seen how good a system can be. We were very lucky. I have seen how bad the system can be and have seen people die and suffer because our masters think we have enough. I personally came close to the long dirt nap because we won’t support a vascular surgeon. I personally have suffered the agony of chronic pain because I could not access someone who could help. My first wife died of cancer because she could not get a referral to Halifax quick enough. 

Think how good our care could be if we stopped the corrupt laundering of money to friends of the government. How wonderful it would be if the millions of dollars that have been given to party friends was diverted to medical car and education. 

Does anyone care?  Nothing will change until the sheep stand up and make it clear. WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH!  

This tiny land needs a new leadership. A leadership that cares about the sheep and will lead us to a new time when we can be proud to say we live in Prince Edward Island. Will that day ever arrive?