Mr Redmond has a thoughtful piece here. It is easy to read this stuff and move on, easy to ignore poverty and despair in our own back yard, easy to pass the Salvation Army collection and look in the other direction. So damn easy because it is not you and I. We work hard and we have a warm place to sleep, we have food on our table and if you are like me, a little uncomfortable when faced with the reality of just how many there are who have so little. 

It is not just the extreme poverty that is saddening but also the plight of the working poor. The person who works one or more jobs just to exist. I hope Mr Redmond will continue to be the voice of an island conscious. We, the more fortunate, need to be reminded. I hope our overlords are listening but I see no indication that they care. 

As Canada steps forward to assist the poor souls from other lands, I hope we can find time for our own citizens. There is a great need and over the past 6 months I have been humbled by people of modest means who step forward to help less fortunate in their own backyard. I have learned that one person can make a difference. Just imagine what a government could do if it had the will and intellegence to make change.