Most of us will know someone and perhaps more than one person who seem to be a peace with life and deal with the good and the bad equally – with a level calm approach to whatever is confronting them.  Without drama they just enjoy what is good and deal with what is not so good.

I would call it a state of grace, but that (to me) suggests a level of religion and that is not what I mean. It could be religion for some.  One of the kindest, wisest and most gentle person I have met in my 68 years is deeply faithful and finds great inner comfort in devotions to God.  Another I know has no religious affiliation and exhibits a similar inner peace.   One of my acquaintances was diagnosed with MS over 30 years ago and through Tai Chi not only found remission in the disease but also found a comfort in life that was not present previously. Others I know practice Yoga, exercise or have a specific passion that carries them along this journey.  All seem to have a glow that seems to give off a positive feel.

The past 45 years of my life have been filled with much good and a few periods of not so good.  My profession of being an advocate for my customers is not one that encourages calmness.  Most of the time, when advocating for my customers the opposite of calmness has been my style (right or wrong.)

For more years than I like to admit, I have had concern that there is nothing I am really passionate about.  Of course I love my family.  I truly enjoy motorcycles and I suppose I am passionate about about my love of canines. I treasure a short list of very good friends.

And yet.. I go back to the beginning of this regarding that level state of calmness that I envy in others that  I have seen.  It is not a stick your head in the sand polyanna denial of stress but rather a calm level way of dealing with things.

In three weeks life will change and the stimulations of a 45 year career will disappear.  Perhaps what I need to do is learn to embrace stillness.