Sunny days has indicated we will be allowing many more immigrants into Canada under the family reunification program. In 1969 I married a Canadian and in 1975 I was landed in Canada under that program.  In June of 1975 I submitted an application.  In 60 days I received conditional approval.  The condition was that I must undertake a medical examination which I did.  The medical was sent in and by mid September I had my approval.  On December 28, 1975 along with my wife, two children, Prince the Collie and Miss Piggy the guinea pig we entered Canada and I was a Landed Immigrant.

Many years later Canada allowed me the wonderful privilege of becoming a citizen.  Many years passed, my wife was gone and I remarried.  My new spouse joined me in Canada and became landed under the family reunification program.

These memories flashed to the forefront when I was reading the following:

Good Afternoon,

You are invited, on behalf of the Ministerial Advisory Council on Refugees, to a special welcome reception at the Murphy’s Community Centre on Saturday, March 12th from 2-4 pm (storm date March 19th).
The Refugees Welcome Reception is a chance for our newest group of residents, sponsor groups, volunteers of the Welcome Project, Red Cross and PEI Association for Newcomers to Canada, and all Islanders to meet and mingle.
Enjoy refreshments and entertainment while getting to know some new neighbours.
Looking forward to seeing you at the reception.


Wade MacLauchlan