I have a friend in the US for whom I have immense respect. A comment he shared with me has be thinking about hate. 

I grew up in the mountains of NYS and the type of hate that seems to pervade the world now was foreign to my life. 

This is such a complicated moment in American history.  We have a world that seems to be in historical turmoil and I have such great fears about this becoming a version of WW3.  I pray to God that i am wrong.  There is just so much hate- poor of rich, religion of religion, factions within religions, black vs white, law abiding vs those who have no respect for the law, Democrats of Republicans- it just seems to go on and on.  The first Democrat I voted for since I can’t remember was Obama.  When i vote for a President, I make a commitment to vote for him twice as 4 years is simply too short a time frame to be effective.  Unfortunately, President Obama, in my opinion, has failed us miserably. Being our first black President, he had the opportunity to unite the races in America and he ignored this issue and, I felt, became very inflammatory to the hostilities.  He actually inflamed a bad situation.  Internationally, he was very weak.  Not that he didn’t drop bombs all over the place like Trump proposes but more that he never seemed to have a policy that could be explained to the public.  Now we get to Trump.  I feel it is Obama’s fault that Trump is where he is in the primary’s.  He is simply stoking the flames of less fortunate who feel they have been taken advantage of by moderate, and liberal, politicians.  So, the guy who talks the toughest, says the most outrageous, insults those who the less fortunate feel are taking jobs and income away from them, gets the attention.  Honestly, I am scared to death as his evil and bully rhetoric have the potential to push this powder keg of a world into a very bad place.  I am fearing an election of him versus either of the Democrats