I have been trying to figure out why H. Clinton seems to keep stumbling on her climb to being the Democratic candidate for President of the US.  Some of my Liberal friends have commented there there is just something off about the woman.

I read the three reasons outlined below and found I was nodding in agreement.  I often speak with friends in the US and they are people of strong opinion.  My observation is the people to whom I have spoken have moved away from an attitude or philosophy of either liberal or conservative.  They are angry and frightened and they are blaming the Obama administration.  To a person they are terrified that the way of life that they have enjoyed for generations is being stolen from them and Trump is playing to that fear.

Three big reasons: First, Hillary Clinton commands little trust among an electorate that is driven today by mistrust. Second, her public life—the posts she has held, the positions she has adopted (and jettisoned)—define her as a creature of the “establishment” at a time when voters regard the very idea with deep antipathy. And finally, however she wishes it were not so, however much she argues that she represents the future as America’s first prospective female president, Clinton still embodies the past, just as she did in 2008 when she lost to Barack Obama.

One friend who is a wise and thoughtful man has commented “America is as geographically diverse as it is ethnically and economically.  It’s what makes us great and strong but when issues such as income growth, job stability and taxes get stoked, all of our diversity shines on”

Source of quote: POLITICO Magazine