The phrase human rights is commonly thrown around in conversation and I confess I sometimes roll my eyes.  It is not because I have any disrespect for human rights but I think it is because it has become such a casual and somewhat overused phrase.

At the same time, while thinking about human rights, I confess to being confused by transgender people.  Bruce Springsteen recently cancelled a concert in North Carolina in protest against what is known as the bathroom laws in that state.   In an article about that concert cancellation Springsteen was quoted regarding basic human rights. I can’t remember the exact quote but  as I read the article human rights (in my head) became rights of humans. Somehow, that twist seem to give more emphasis to the rights of individual groups  of people.

The next time I hear the phrase human rights I will think rights of humans and I think it might give more emphasis to the message.  I am no Liberal bleeding heart Polyanna but at times I am troubled by my own biases.