Most people, when they buy auto insurance, will deal with a local broker or agent and probably have a customer service representitive.  An application is prepared by the CSR, the buyer signs the application and the CSR transmits the application to a human underwriter who accesses the application and decides if the application is worthy of being a customer of that insurance company. 

If there is disagreement a debate ensues and the CSR will act as an advocate for the buyer. 

Travelers Insurance Company has removed the human underwriter from the equation. Applying analytics a computer will make all decisions as to desirability of a customer. If they buyer does not fit the desirability profile the application is declined. Other companies will follow. 

Choose your insurance company carefully. While you may fit the profile today, profiles change, and a computer may throw you out – and there is no way to appeal. Once one insurance company declines your business others will be reluctant to take you. 

An agent / broker can help you choose the least worst insurance company. It has come to that!