I hope they do a better and more accurate job then they did with the condemnation of butter. For years telling everyone that canola oil and margarine were better for you. Seems to me that myth has been shattered. I always relate to the old saying…”I trust a cow more then a chemist.”
My dream;  

1. Bacon, becomes the new “Wonder Food.” A daily scoff of this food will lower cholesterol, control blood pressure and promote hair growth.  
2. Red Meat will reduce the risk of heart attacks and has properties that will be a cure for cancer. When eaten in large quantities and cooked medium rare and at times served with a rich gravy that some cuts produce. If the gravy is poured into whipped potato volcanoes, it will be a miracle food. This meal becomes the battle cry for those among us who have continually battled the bulge. Bigger and more frequent servings will keep your weight down. 
3. Glazed Cinnamon “sticky buns” will improve your eyesight and hearing and will be a catalyst that enhances the effects for those on the red meat, whipped potato and gravy diet.  

4. Good Whisky will be covered by our prescription drug program. It has been proven to promote longevity, improve your looks, make you a better dancer and cure any loss of memory. It will also serve as an excellent skin moisturiser when consumed in proper proportions. The proper proportions are to be determined by the consumer and will vary under different circumstances

Simple things.