On the 4th day of each month, my pension payment is electronically transferred to my account at RBC. As of the 4th I am not earning any interest from the pension company on the amount transferred. The transfer does not show up my account at RBC for four days

Where is my money and who is using it?  In a time we can transfer money via email in matter of a few minutes it seems odd that it takes 4 days to receive. 

It is a loss of only a few pennies to me, but taken on a more global basis someone is stealing a heck of a lot of money. Surly one of our chartered banks would not be doing something unseemly. Surely not!  When I asked the nice lady behind the counter at RBC, she just shrugged. 

I think I will check with other banks to see if it is the same. I also will try to determine what regulatory body has oversight on matters like this. If this interests you may I suggest you check your situation. Is someone stealing your money too?