Charlottetown elected councillor Eddie Rice has apparently referred to the good citizens of the Alberta Town of Westlock where Peter Kelly served as CAO (Kelly is the current CAO of Charlottetown and former Mayor of Halifax), as inbred. The Deputy Mayor of Charlottetown is reported to have mused aloud, “why would we Google his name? (Presumably Kelly’s). 
For the podcast of Rice’s comments along with a good historical rehash of what seems to be a developing scandal go to the Halifax Examiner
The real question is why did the former Charlottetown CAO resign which opened the door for Kelly?

One of the more articulate comments on the Halifax Examiner website:

July 11, 2016 at 11:10 am

Peter Kelly is a white-collar psychopath; his long-term, factually-documented pattern of behaviour graphically illustrate it. 

Sadly, there are too many folks in PEI who’re wilfully insular, ignorant and trusting, preferring to invest total unquestioning judgment and responsibility in their elected representatives. History, including recent, demonstrates illusive accountability, so the cycle keeps repeating. Peter Kelly’s hiring is emblematic of it, in addition to the level of competence, diligence and judgment of the selection panel who recommended him, and those who rubber-stamped it. Audio comments from Messrs. Rice and Duffy speak for themselves – loudly. I’d hide my head if I were either.

This commenter is an infrequent commenter on a local PEI blog and is usually right on target.