On Sunday I had an accident caused by my clumsy nature which caused me to take flight in my driveway and land on my head, hip and arm. After a few minutes in the driveway I managed to get up and in the house and made the comment to Herself, “oh crap that will hurt tomorrow”. 

Tomorrow came and I could not walk or use my arm. I was convinced I had broken my hip, arm and who knows about my head. There was no way I could sit in a car nor is Herself strong enough to shovel me in her van so I called for an ambulance.  I managed to get myself to the door to avoid the Shepherd shuffle and was transported to QEH. 

On arrival I was plunked in a wheelchair and taken to the usual admitting area where I endured the usual check in process and told to wheel myself to the waiting area. …and wait. 

The wait time board looked similar to this:

There was 1 listed as urgent. To be clear, I did not consider myself urgent as my life was not in danger.  There was one other individual in the waiting room area. 

I sat in the waiting area for 2.5 hours and then taken to an exam room where I waited 90 minutes to see a doc. He prescribed a gram of Tylenol for pain and ordered X-rays. It took 4 hours before I was offered a pain med. Following my X-ray I was returned to a communal sitting area to sit in a hard plastic chair-others who were awaiting other diagnostic results filled the room. 

Another hour passed and I was told by the doc that he could not see anything broken and I was free to leave. 

I am improving, thank you. The sore bits are packed in ice and I can now walk.