In 1975 I walked in Royal Trust and opened my first Canadian bank account. I deposited my total net worth which was $6,000 US and as the Canadian dollar was strong there was a premium. I think it was about 6% but memory is long fogged. I dealt with Bob King and Bob was an old fashion banker who got to know his clients and made decisions based on his judgement. I was treated like a valued customer.  I once got preliminary mortgage approval from Bob over the telephone. 

It was a please dealing with Royal Trust. I was just a working guy with small balances but I was treated very well. 

Of course over the years Royal Trust morphed into different corporate bodies and now wears the RBC brand. The quality of service has declined to a point of being laughable and RBC is just another greedy grasping money whore and it is time to move on. The question is where?

Herself advocates Bank of Nova Scotia where she finds the people friendly and helpful. I lean toward Credit Union for same reasons. However I am told that Credit Unions are not part of the Federal Deposit Insurance Guarantee, instead relying on guarantee of our broke provincial government. 

If I did not need a local bank for a few specific services I would be using Tangerine exclusively. Tangerine is the former ING Direct and now owned by BNS. 

I guess the question is – is any bank really different?