…is his name. He is a nice boy and adores herself. I do mean adore. He will sit in front of her for hours just staring at her. He is happiest sitting on the sofa beside her or quietly on the floor watching TV with her. 

When herself goes away to dog shows he gets stressed and it is left to me to reassure him. However, for him, it is not the same and his good “house manners” can go sideways. She is away this weekend. 

For 24 hours I have detected the faint odour of dog…, well, shit. Look as I did I could not find anything. This morning at 0545 I wobbled out to the living room with my coffee and I found it. Stepped right in the middle of it with bare foot. I shouted, “oh shit” and I swear I heard Kieren say, “exactly”. 

Sigh. I live in a kennel.