With the advent of home computers and the Internet consumers were suddenly able to obtain products and services for which they previously paid for free. While it was / is stealing, it does not feel like stealing and otherwise honest people are content to be thieves. 

Do you remember Napster?  Napster made it easy to steal music of your choice and of course we did. One of my wise friends said, “Napster will be shut down, but you can’t put the geni back in the bottle”.  He was right and the music industry has forever been changed. 

The evolution of pirated TV is another example. Remember the grey market dishes?  I had one for a while. Worked great when it worked but the chase was on. Torrent technology shook things up. Any TV show or movie was readily available (is available) and with just a little work any production is available. Of course Netflix shook up TV and with a little knowledge Netflix worldwide is available and avoids the Canadian nannies who think we should have controlled access. 

Now we see Kodi TV. A free media server which is installed on your home computer. Any computer. Simply cast the show over your WiFi to your smart TV and there ya go. Any TV show, any movie, any part of the world – and free. 

I installed yesterday and noted all movies listed that are currently in theatres. Of course I did not watch any as that would be stealing. I did however watch season 5 of Top Gear which I had somehow missed. Kodi is not for everyone as it requires some work to set up but there are preconfigured boxes available similar to Apple TV. 

I have not been to a theatre since Titanic was showing and I have seen any movie I wanted to see. Of course that was in other people’s homes. 

You can’t put the geni back in the bottle.