Just yesterday my father was the overriding influence in my life. A man who was teaching me to be a man. Learning to use a firearm safely, learning how to fly cast over a mirror flat Adirondack wilderness pond, learning how to be a gentleman and most importantly how to act like a man and except responsibilities for my actions.

Now, my father stares back at me in the mirror each day as I shave.

Just yesterday I met a beautiful Canadian girl who would become my wife, become the mother of my children, author of what is good in me and with the naivety of immortal youth lead me on a new adventure to this wonderful country that is become my home.

And now her ashes reside in mother Ganges and she is with her beloved Lord Shiva. 

Just yesterday I held my newborn daughter and two years later my newborn son.

And now both are middle-age adults who make me proud every day.

Just yesterday I met my Chris who would drag me out of sadness and despair.

And now we approach 2 1/2 decades of being together.

Just yesterday I was standing beside my car on the way home from work fist pumping in the air in joy at the news from my son-in-law that I was a grandfather. Just yesterday I travelled to Australia and with shaking hands held this tiny life to be known as Rose. 

And now my beautiful Rose. 

What wonderful journey this is. It is just too damn short.