For many years I made a concerted effort to shop local.  My income was earned from local businesses and I valued their patronage. As the Internet grew I expanded my purchasing to online but only when I could not find what I wanted locally or when a local merchant was hosing me on price. 

Over the past number of years the quality of online service has immensely improved and the quality of local service has diminished. Accordingly my shopping habits have changed and almost all shopping is comducted online. UPS is a regular in my driveway. 

Feeling a little guilty I decided to visit a couple of local stores. Bed Bath and Beyond had one check out person and more than 10 in line. I placed the item on the shelf and left. In Canadian Tire I am pretty sure I could have fallen to the floor grasping my heart and the clerk would have stepped over me. 

I returned home and concluded my shopping at Amazon. 

That said, I will go out of my way to shop at Home Hardware on St Peters Road. That store never disappoints me. They get it!