The CRTC has said that real high speed internet access is a necessary or essential service to all Canadians and set a minimum download speed of 50 megs. Make no mistake, I want it NOW!  However do I need it!  Alas, not now. The bent deal between the Robert Ghiz led Liberal government and Bell Aliant brought us slow DSL and while I really want more, the slow DSL gives me the ability to do what I view as essential. 

Let me repeat-I want more and I want it now but I have no expectations that I will get it. It makes no financial sense for the whore telcos to bring me real high speed, thus, why would the profit taking companies do so?  

Of course an increased TAX could create an incentive for telcos to dip in a fund to make it happen but really is that fair to the vast majority of Canadians who already have quality access?