I received this today. I feel unworthy.

I am not worthy of the honour I owe,

Nor dare I say ’tis mine, and yet it is;

But, like a timorous thief, most fain would steal

What law does vouch mine own.

In recognition of his contribution to the formation and development of the CURD collective in its infancy, as well as his ongoing support ever since, the Order Of Gummiente is hereby awarded to Humblebub, Vice Commissar, Atlantic Division. The Honourable Humblebub is is hereby granted the right to use the OOG designation and graphic in his sig line, profile and postings on here and on any other socia media platform he sees fit. He is also awarded “front of the line” priviliges at the porta-potties of any CURD sanctioned event and is appointed the Expendable Crewmember whenever llamas are running amok.
When CURD was first formed back in early 2006 it attracted the attention of the benevolent Humblebub, who was at that time (and still is today) holed up somewhere in the wilds of Prince Edward Island, where he was locally recognised as “That feller what rides that funny Commie bike”. He was so intrigued by the concept of CURD that he made a trip from Paradise Island all the way out to CURD World HQ (then located in Gananoque, Ontario) in July 2006 to meet the Head Cheese in person. This trip was not made on his 03 Northern Cruiser, of course, but on another two wheeled contraption from his vast and ever changing stable of rides. During his visit, he was instumental in the concept and creation of the Llama being designated as the Official CURD Mascot, specifically the lovely creature known as “She-Bitch”. This was the name he lovingly bestowed upon her after an up close meeting in person went slightly awry. Just as a side note to CURDites everywhere, when someone tells you to back away from a llama because you’re in danger of being spit upon, you really should take the advice. ‘Nuff said.