CBC Charlottetown reports:

The P.E.I. government will spend $23M for phone service with Bell Aliant over the course of 11 years according to the terms of a contract made fully public for the first time today. The province entered into the untendered contract with Bell Aliant for its phone service starting in 2009. In return, Bell Aliant agreed to provide DSL internet service to 48 rural Island communities

That the Aliant Bell / Liberal deal was bent was well known by many of us in the Internet business and equally well known was the fact that Eastlink never had a fair chance to compete. 

So…. all taxpayers of PEI through a back room deal with Bell Aliant paid for us poor country mice to get slow DSL. As someone who benefited from this deal (I went from dial-up to slow DSL) I have mixed emotions. I am glad to have what we have and I want more. I also understand that no telco is going to provide a service on which they loose money. 

I despise the business practices of Bell and abhor unfair back room deals. What is the solution?