Within a period of 24 hours Sunday – my 35 year old well pump started screaming like an out of control Trump. My holding tank started leaking like an old Liberal’s bladder, the mercury switch on my grey water lift pump which services our laundry and kitchen quit causing grey water backup in cold room and sump pump back flow valve was not working. 

0930 Monday stop in Mr Plumber. 11 AM plumber arrives. 3:30 PM all is well and I fear no money left for dog food. 

Over 40 years I have spent thousands of dollars with plumbers. My usual approach is to check with small plumbers and get a price. Most are quick to quote but when challenged to do the job will suck their teeth and muse aloud about when they might get to me.

I then turned to Mr Plumber. Mr Plumber has always been competitive in price, the work is always perfect and they arrive when they say they will (or early). This time I just went to Mr Plumber first. There have been numerous plumbers from Mr P over the years and they have always been young pleasant guys who are professional to a fault and put up with my curious oversight as they do their job. 

My compliments to Blair and Tracy LaPierre, Rick the plumber, the always pleasant and helpful counter guy and Hannah the dispatcher. I know others have been less satisfied than I but I am again a satisfied customer. 

If I need plumbing work again (I hope not) I will not bother with other firms. Generally speaking you don’t stay in business 50 years by doing things poorly. 

If it was 30 years ago I would have done the work myself (and have) but I have always dispised plumbing and I don’t bend like I used too. :(. $300 for labour well spent.