All my life I have been a carnivore. A cold beer and a rare steak was as good as it gets. For some reason the past few months I have found meat less palatable. I think it started when I started thinking about what I am consuming. The meat became an animal in my head. As I respect pretty much every living thing that steak became a hunk of flesh that someone hacked off a gentle bovine. Not sure I am happy with this. Equally, not sure I am unhappy. 

I have a couple of friends who are vegan, a few more who are vegetarian and a few who consume meat (rarely).  For the record, they are not nuts. Pretty much normal guys who made a choice for various reasons. 

Should I shave my head, adopt the saffron robe and join a temple?  A curse on the monkey mind. BTW, The Merchant Man restaurant makes a killer vegetarian curry. Of course Churchill Arms makes the best curry I have had – ever – and that comparison includes some fine traditional Indian restaurants in London England. 

I know, I am babbling.