Uncharacteristically for me I am watching the Vimy remembrance on tv. I listened to the talking heads as they all took turns speaking what they considered appropriate and significant. 
Thinking about this I realize I have no words to express how much I abhor war, violence and old men sending young people off to die in the pursuit of nationalist political interests. 
At the same time I have no words to express my respect and thanks to those young men and women who serve and have served. For many years, to my shame, I did not understand how much those who serve deserve our gratitude. 
I listened to “the commitment to remember” prayer at the ceremony which was followed by a statement by Prime Minster Trudeau. The former will stay with me, the latter not so much. 
As old men make decisions to send men and women to the oil rich countries and ignore the human tragedy in Africa we should be be very thoughtful and ask questions. What are we fighting for?
As Trudeau said, “never again”.