I had my first job at 16. For the following 54 years I had rewarding work when I wanted. Only once, for a short period did I feel insecure in my continued employment. When I read this I am reminded how fortunate I have been. Through the luck of birth I was born to white, educated, middle class parents during a period the middle class prospered. I was an indulged only child but I was taught that one worked for what they wanted  – there was no free lunch. When I settled in to what would be a 46 year career I had the incredible good luck to end up with an exemplary employer. 

Because of my parents and luck I have been fortunate and when I read that article I am reminded just how fortunate. Many do not have the opportunities I had and I (to my surprise) find I am leaning toward hoping that there is a way to have a guaranteed income without destroying the country.