Like many who live in this tiny jurisdiction I spend a lot of time observing the weather. For over 20 years I have had a wee weatherStation spinning away in my roof and reporting relevant wheather information on a display which hangs on our wall.

There is much newer technology available for a home weather stations and I was about to upgrade. However, now being old and wise, I thought there might be a better way. I have discovered that there are 26 personal weather stations on PEI which make their weather data freely available. All you need is the appropriate software to scrape their information from the Internet.

Of course, having that information without being able to see it is of little  and I realized this would be a good opportunity to repurpose my old iPad which has been gathering dust since I upgraded. All I need is an appropriate way to hang the old iPad on the wall. Off to the shop to see what I can come up with. Stay tuned.