I suspect I am far from alone in being a parent who wishes there were certain parenting decisions I made that I would do differently.  The old saying kids don’t come with an owners manual is true and often we learn parenting skills on the fly.  I think I was a pretty good dad but I could have been better and one of the regrets I have is I was not better at building confidence in my children. Certainly, as adults I see no evidence of lack of confidence but there are times I am troubled that I was not more supportive and positive as a parent. My daughter, a mom of three, has taught me a lot about being a parent.

Over the years I have been a frequent visitor to the website ruk.ca. I don’t know the site owner and have only met Peter on one occasion.  Peter’s writings are remarkably lucid and he has the ability to articulate an idea or thought clearly without a lot of extra  nonsense.  His comments are often provocative, thougtful, occasionally rude and generally causes me to stop and ponder the subject matter of his writing. In my opinion on occasion he has crossed the line of what might be considered good manners (seldom) and occasionally pissed me off. However, I keep going back.

I most enjoy his writing when the topic is about subjects that are very close to his heart. Specifically, technology and his son Oliver. His ability to take complex technology problems and explain them in terms that are understandable by those of us who are not well versed in tech matter is always informative.
I started this by commenting about my skills as a parent and it is the subject which is often on my mind when I read about Peter’s life as a father to Wee Oliver. I suspect Peter may be a private person but he allowed those of us who visit his site to live vicariously through the adventures of being a father to a little boy.  We met Wee Oliver as a preschooler, saw his progress as he got older and travelled with him when he and Peter went off to interesting places and did interesting things.  Each time I read about these adventures I finished reading the post with the thought that what a great dad Peter is.

I just read this for the fourth time.  As I read it I realize not only is Peter a good dad, he is an exceptional dad. That one glimpse into the life of Peter’s family showed honesty , love and emphasizes the challenges that every parent faces. Our kids give us challenges but in return we as parents get the unimaginable and indescribably delicious feeling of bursting with love and joy.

Happy Father’s Day Pete.