I occasionally write here about my early life friendships and the closeness that existed through a lifetime. After 1975 we were never in the same place at the same time though individually we infrequently crossed paths. It was always good. I received this treasure via email today. Friends since 1952 and I am the last. Each has gone to whatever comes next and I miss them terribly. Each of these men form a large part of the man I became. Each had a zest for life and lived life honestly. Pictured here from left is:
Robert F Beckerle (Bobbie)
Creig Dewitt Robinson (Squeak)
Russell Alan Wolfe (Wolfie)

It was a good time to be young in middle class US and we knew it. Dads went to work, moms worked in the home and there was food on the table. Now the middle class has been ripped from us and we are poorer for its demise.