Back in the ‘olden days’ we had bullies too. Of course it was different – there was no social media or even an Internet. I was briefly bullied by a guy named Mike. He was a big loud guy tough as old leather and he took a dislike to me. Bullying then was more physical – pushing people around and calling them names. 

I remember telling my dad and him asking me how I was going to handle it. My solution – march up to Mike and slamming him between the eyes with all I had. Never even flinched. Oh dear. Our gym teacher heard about it as grabbed us both and said we would settle it on the mats.  We did and Mike soundly whooped me but we became very good friends after that. 

We stayed friends until he was shot and killed by NYS police. He was a bad boy right up to the end. Bullying back then was different.