I have been reading some of the concerns regarding use of RFID chips in our credit cards and debit cards.

One of my friends was in the process of paying for a commodity with his debit card. In the process of doing this he placed his wallet on the counter while he used his debit card. When the debit card was being processed the clerk indicated that the charge was already paid in full.

Investigation turns out that the RFID chip in his CIBC credit card which was still in his wallet had been read and the charge processed to that card.

Another friend was paying for gas at a service station in Florida. He paid for the fuel with his credit card. On arrival at is Motel, and attempting to pay with his credit card, he was advised that his credit card was at its limit. He knew this was incorrect as he had paid off his card prior to leaving on holiday. Investigation indicated that the RFID chip had been read by a bootleg device at the service station and then in a short period Of time his credit card limit had been exhausted.