Walt W was my high school driver training teacher. He was often ‘in his cups’ from vodka but he was a good teacher. One day he asked the class what a green light meant. Someone answered that it was ok to proceed. “WRONG!”‘Walt roared, slamming his hand on his desk and causing some students to nearly soil themselves.

He then went on to rant that all a green light meant was that it is OK to proceed as long as you have checked to make sure no other vehicles are going through the intersection. Because of his enthusiastic delivery of that message it is one of the few things that have stayed with me through these many years.

Yesterday, I was at the intersection of Brackley point Road and the Charlottetown bypass. When the light turned green I looked left and right for traffic on the bypass. As I looked to the right a half ton pick up truck roared through the red light and would have surely killed me.

Walt has long gone on the long dirt nap but he has saved me on multiple occasions.