As many others did, I watched tv news broadcast for coverage of the horror which just occurred in the US. Between 1947 and 1975 I lived in the US in a city that was deemed to be the best place to live in the US. I don’t recall how that designation was granted but it was for multiple years.

As I watched the news yesterday I was recalling life back in the day – safety was never a concern. Never! One avoided South Street due to its ‘rough bar’ reputation but that was it. My parents never had to worry about my safety and if there was an activity young boys were disallowed, it was not due to the types of concern we see today.

It is difficult to avoid a discussion of gun control. I have not been an advocate of gun control but I am wavering. Growing up my home had guns, my neighbours had guns and we were taught at an early age gun use and safety. However society has changed, the world has changed and 50 year old attitudes may no longer be valid.

I am still wavering.