A retired policeman from Toronto, an elderly couple from Tignish, a fisherman from O’Leary, a semi retired insurance rascal and a lady from charlottetown. All huddled in a wee waiting room in the presurg clinic. All of us there for the same reason. We would see a RN, have blood drawn, have EKG, Have X-ray, meet with occupational person, meet with rehab therapist and finally meet with guy who puts us under.

QEH is well oiled and the system worked well. None of us huddled in the room has met before and we laughed, told stories, shared experiences and generally enjoyed each other’s company. We had nothing in common other than upcoming surgeries. At the end we wished each other well and went on our way.

I am again reminded of the goodness of people where I live. A shared stressful experience brings out the best in the people of tiny land.