Over the past few months I had opportunity to go shopping for technology items. I am quite comfortable with the technology and verbiage that goes along with this sort of purchase. However, looking around at my fellow shoppers I was unsurprised to see that most were not in the bloom of youth.

I was purchasing a new television and two new cell phones. The customer service representatives who waited on me were knowledgable and up-to-date on the latest technology. While the person waiting on me was busy satisfying my requirements I could not help overhearing discussions between other customers and the sales person. The sales people were filled with technical information which I could tell was far above the understanding of the elderly people making the purchase.

The sales people were young and the customers were not. Once again it became apparent to me that retailers who are servicing the customer base that includes the ageing demographic that is Canada would be well served by having at least one sales representative of a similar age to the customer. Not only will the customer be more comfortable with the person who is similar in age but it also should be obvious that the sales person would be able to understand and communicate more effectively.