yesterday I took herself to the QEH EMERG department. (She is fine, thank sure) We walked to the front door at 07 55. We immediately went to the registration window and having concluded that process parked ourselves on the green sofa at 0805, waiting to see the triage nurse nurse. We waited 35 minutes while the triage nurse assessed someone who was definitely more in need of urgent care.

At this point we had spent 45 minutes to move from the registration desk to the lobby area in front of the sliding glass doors where one waits to be called. 30 minutes later we were called in. Once inside the sliding glass doors another wait 15 minutes for an orderly to take more information and another 15 minutes to see a doctor. The doctor did what doctors do including some diagnostic imaging. We were leaving the front door at 1100.

Three hours start to finish. While I know we were fortunate to arrive at a time when the emergency department was not overrun with non-emergency cases but I think we can pronounce ourselves content with how we were treated. We are not the type of people who go to the emergency department to find out why we can’t eat chicken nuggets (true example told to me by a emerg doc) and I believe our visit was appropriate.

Over the past couple of years herself and I have been, unfortunately, frequent users of the various services of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. I have to give full marks to the good people who are employed there. For the most part they have been on time and without exception have been very pleasant to deal with.

There is always room for improvement but my observation is that the hospital of today is far different than the hospital 10 years ago. Oh, they have wifi there.