An acquaintance, a five year survivor of four types of cancer has received superb service from the oncology treatment centre in our tiny land. However, this person was a little concerned about falling between the cracks and asked family doctor for a referral to the Princess Margaret cancer centre for a second opinion. My acquaintance merely wanted a second opinion and was not seeking any out of province treatment. The provincial health board, apparently the overlords of such matters, declined approving the referral. Apparently, individuals are not permitted to self refer and thus there was no way accomplish.

My acquaintance is a very determined individual and understands the necessity to take control of your own health care. As is often the case my acquaintance knew somebody who knew somebody and was referred to Medcan. My acquaintance’s friend made a call and on the same day Medcan called my acquaintance.

The following day a video conference was carried out between my acquaintance and an oncologist at the Princess Margaret cancer center. A couple of days later my acquaintance flew to Toronto and met with three oncologist for a consult. My acquaintance asked the oncologist to prepare a report which would be based on how they would treat my acquaintance if their patient. They did so and sent their report to the local family doctor and oncologist.

I do not know the cost incurred but I believe it was $875 to join Medcan and $250 for the consult and preparation of the report.

If I am reading this correctly, non-members can avail themselves of certain services for a cost.

Toronto Life describes Medcan as:

SPECIALTY: Medcan is the behemoth of private clinics, with 60 doctors and specialists on staff who conduct five-hour-long assessments designed to catch lurking illnesses. This is health care for Type-As who expect same-day and Saturday appointments, and 24/7 phone care with Medcan nurses. Members receive discounts on fitness training, cosmetic dermatology and weight management.

COST: From $2,595 for a health assessment.