I had a number of inquiries regarding my satisfaction-or lack there of- of the Xplornet LTE high-speed Internet residential service. I was certainly reluctant given very negative reports and reviews for this company. Most of the negative reviews that I have read relate to their satellite Internet service.

As previously mentioned the LTE service is a wireless service which utilizes an xterior radio which is about the size of a small pizza box. This is radio on my roof is aimed at a cell tower 12 km away. As I was previously involved in the distribution of wireless Internet I know a bit more than the typical user and I am impressed with the improvement in hardware over the past 10 years.

The technician showed up on time as scheduled. The installer took approximately 90 minutes and due to my location involve the addition of a 10 foot mast on my roof. There is no separate power to the external radio says it receives its power through the cable which is plugged into my airport extreme router. After completing the installation the technician extracted my credit card number and after a little magic on his cell phone I was connected.

I was replacing bell service which was DSL giving me 1.5 meg download. Xplornet advertises 25 meg download speed. I am routinely been receiving 35 meg download but I have no expectation that will last after more users are brought online. I will be very happy with 25 meg as that is more than sufficient for my needs at this point in time. Yesterday was a nasty day with High winds and snow. My Weather station registered 94 km an hour on my roof. During the period of wind and snow my speed reduced to 10 meg and returned as soon as the weather cleared. I suspect that my mast was probably swaying a little bit in the wind.

It is probably early to come to any conclusion but from today’s perspective I am very pleased.