If you have utilized the services of the major hospital here in Tiny land you will have experienced the attachment of a wristband with a barcode Also included is the patients name, date of birth and something else I don’t recall.

Having just spent five days at the hospital I was a keen observer, not only because I am interested in these things but also for self-preservation. Much of the treatment we receive is coded in the barcode on these wristbands. I had three wristbands; one was the aforementioned with the barcode, the second indicated I am allergic to dust and pollen and a third was attached mid stay. The third was purple and is apparently used to alert staff that the patient is a risk for fall. As I repeatedly advised, when asked, that I had not had a recent fall I was perplexed. I checked the purple wristband and sure it had someone else’s name, date of birth and something else.

When I pointed this out to one of the attendants there was no particular concern expressed. Just a heads up that you should probably be proactive when receiving medical care.